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Club Hours

The Club is open from Monday to Sunday and public holidays between 8h00 – 18h00


Monday to Friday - 10h00 till late
Saturday & Sundays - 8h00 till 18h00 or unless guests are in the bar or bookings have been received


Monday to Friday - 10h00 to 20h00
Saturday & Sunday - 8h00 to 18h00 or unless guests are at the bar or bookings have been received

Please note all food orders need to be placed 30mins before closing time!


Club Rules

Beaumont Eston Club is a licensed premises and as such no alcohol may be bought on to the premises.

  • The use of all club facilities is at your own risk.
  • Speed limit in the club grounds is 15km/hour.
  • Strictly no dogs allowed in the Clubhouse. 
  • Bad behaviour, foul language, and annoying others are not acceptable on club grounds. Members will be held responsible for any damage caused by them, their visitors or their families.
  • No fireworks!!
  • No club property to be removed from the club premises!
  • No Parking on the grass & cricket pitch
Proudly sponsored by Halfway Toyota

Proudly sponsored by Halfway Toyota

The History of the Beaumont Eston Club

Once upon a time, many moons ago there were a group of farmers who had nothing better to do but get together over a beer to talk about cows, one thing led to another and club house was built.
Seriously though here is our history:

It began with the formation of the Beaumont Eston Farmer’s Association (BEFA) in 1915. There were only 6 members and they were responsible for all the business and social aspects of the district.
In 1928 the current school hall was built and this became the meeting place for the social and business functions of the area.

As the number of members increased and the functions of the Association became more diverse, the need arose to create separate entities – The Eston Livestock Producers and the Eston Show 1946 and 1955 respectively.
The Eston club became a separate division of the Association with its own rules and regulation in 1965.

With the club, school and Farmers Association all under 1 roof it was decided that a new premises would be acquired to accommodate the club.

The current premises were opened in 1969 …much of the building work was done by the farmer’s themselves.

Since then tennis courts, cricket pitch, squash courts, hockey astro and a clay shooting range have been added and built.

This has resulted in a Country club which has much to offer members and that remains a central place for the community to meet for business and social activities.
It remains a vibrant and vital part of the district.