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How to Become a Member

To apply for membership at BEFC please download the Membership Form PDF, print, fIll in,  scan document and email to together with relevant documentation. Remember you need two people that are currently paid up members of the club to propose and second you- they both need to be Members of BEFC for a year or more. Your completed membership form will then be posted on the Notice Board at the club for a period of 30 days thereafter your application form will be submitted at the next monthly committee meeting for authorization

Once your application has been accepted you will receive a welcome letter together with an invoice which you can settle via EFT.

Please make sure you have an email address on your application form as we prefer to communicate via email

Our financial year runs from 01 March to 28 February. Please note that if subs are not settled in full by the end of February of that year then a re-joining fee will be payable together with the full outstanding subs amount. Members subs will be prorata'd for their first year.